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About Us

Leading global investor relations for junior and small-cap companies.

Rayleigh Capital is dedicated to connecting junior and small-cap companies with a broad audience of investment professionals, serving clients across North America and Europe.

Founded in 2004

Established in 2004, Rayleigh Capital's focus lies in North American and European listed and soon-to-be listed junior companies. We prioritize personal service, simplicity, and affordability, aiming to create invaluable introductions for growth-oriented companies.

Proven Track Record

Rayleigh Capital's success is built on years of experience in effectively communicating with the financial community. As a trusted advisor to small and micro-cap companies, the expertise spans various industries and regions, including mining and resource, oil & gas, technology, environmental, and clean tech sectors. This proven track record demonstrates the ability to consistently deliver results for clients in diverse markets.

Long-term Commitment

Maintaining high standards and prioritizing client satisfaction, services are tailored to each client's specific needs, ensuring a strong, long-term commitment to their success.

Personalized Service

The majority of the business stems from referrals, highlighting the value placed on personalized service. Striving for excellence, the goal is to deliver the best value-added solutions for companies while remaining transparent, upfront, and true to promises made.

The Team

Industry professionals from across Europe.

Comprised of industry professionals from across Europe, the company has established close ties with numerous on-ground representatives in various cities. This network of connections results in a cost-effective approach to marketing and promoting client companies.

Carrie Howes

Managing Director

Chelvy Rasiah

Corporate Development

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