About Us

Our goal is to increase global investor awareness and maximize exposure with emphasis on London, Continental Europe and the Middle East.

Who We Are

Rayleigh Capital focuses on Global Investor Relations for junior and small cap companies specializing at exposing companies to a wide audience of investment professionals. With over 15 years of investment and financing exposure experience, Rayleigh Capital services clients in North America and Europe. We offer investor roadshows and classic investor relations in Canada, Europe and the UK, and have partners in most major cities including Toronto, Vancouver, London, Paris, Zurich, Geneva, Frankfurt, Munich, Luxembourg, Oslo, Monaco, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Our Focus

  • Rayleigh Capital was founded in 2004 and has a focus on North American and European listed and soon to be listed junior companies. We base everything we do on personal service, simplicity and affordability. We aim to make invaluable introductions for companies with focus on growth and development.

  • Rayleigh Capital has a proven track record derived from years of experience in communicating with the financial community. Providing advisory services to small and micro cap companies, the expertise covers a broad range of industries and regions including mining and resource, oil & gas, technology, environmental and clean tech.

  • Our core focus is based on high standards with a strong client-first mentality. Our services are tailored to each client’s specific needs and all clients receive full long-term commitment.

  • Most of our business comes from referrals rather than exaggerated marketing effort. We go the extra mile to provide clients with a personalized service. By retaining our focus we strive to be the best at what we do and aim to deliver the best value added solution for the company whilst remaining transparent, upfront and by keeping our promises.

The Team

Rayleigh Capital is made up of a number of industry
professionals across Europe.

The company has close ties with a number of on ground representatives in each city which creates a cost-effective way to market a company.

Carrie Howes , Managing Director

Carrie manages Rayleigh Capital on a global basis and oversees all investor relations. She has Over 15 years experience in the Financial industry working in various roles from sell side to marketing and fund raising.

Formerly an institutional Broker with Union Securities International London, UK, for 8 years and later with Moore Clayton & Co. for 3 years as a Managing Director of European Investor Relations, she is responsible for arranging financing and exposure meetings in the UK and Europe for junior companies.

Ms Howes focuses on the Junior market and its undiscovered gems, with sector emphasis on Mining and Resource, Oil and Gas, Biotechnology, Technology & Environmental.

Ms Howes previously sat on the Board of Directors for Takara Resources (TKK; TSX) and is the Director of Investor Relations for Proactive Investors One2One investor Forums, Germany.

Ms. Howes was FSA licensed as a registered representative with Union Securities, MCC Global and Spencer Clarke prior to starting Rayleigh Capital, and formerly worked with the Securities Institute as a SFA Exam Writer and Editor. She received her B.A.(HON) in Psychology and Business from the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Chelvy has over 13 years experience in marketing and office management and joined Rayleigh Capital in 2011. Previously working as a Development Function Officer with the Local Government, London Borough of Hounslow, Chelvy brings expertise and proficiency to the day to day running of the Investor Relations business.

Chelvy holds a BSc (Hon) in Environmental Sciences from University of Greenwich, U.K and has been based in Dubai for 4 years.

Chelvy Rasiah, Corporate Development

Investor Relations

Rayleigh Capital provides classic Investor Relations to shareholders and potential shareholders. Client companies are either retained or carry out roadshows from 1-14 days in length depending on the cities requested. We work in a professional manner, and on an in-depth basis with each company, arranging formal and informal presentation material, coordinating necessary software and consulting with management on all levels to create a strong company profile.


We have strong relationships with Institutional Investors including Fund Managers, Independent Asset Managers, Private Client Brokers, as well as other industry professionals and qualified investors. We also have the ability to set meetings with Buy- and Sell-side Analysts, Corporate Finance, Trading & Sales and Syndication desks.

Our Partners

If you would like any further information on the presenting or roadshowing companies, please send your request to